Who Are We:  

We are the daughters and sons of America’s “Greatest Generation.” Born between the years of 1946to 1964; we grew up, worked, served our communities and nation and raised our own families in a time of societal change, and historical firsts. What we “Boomers” all have in common today is our music and dance, whether it’s “That Old Time Rock’n Roll” or something else.   

What We Offer:  

We provide a unique social and entertainment venue for our age group, our time and our music. Boomers typically have three dance events per month that feature a DJ or live band in a Night Club type setting. Our members and guests come to listen to music, dance, catch up with old/ new friends and sometimes have a little romance. In addition Boomers has annual events such as a Halloween Party, Wine Tour, and a New Years Eve Dinner/ Dance Party.

What to Expect:  

Our guests come from all over NW Oregon and SE Washington - from Astoria to Hood River, Salem to Tacoma. They range in age from 40 something into the 70s with a fairly even mix of women and men. We have many singles and couples; in fact several of the married couples started dating after meeting at Boomers. Our DJ and live bands play the best music of the 50s, 60s, 70s, 80s and even some of the more recent hits. There are always dance opportunities if you just ask. Events are normally semi casual but some have fun putting on “the little black dress” or their dancing best. Many of our guests are regular attendees and we will often have 150+ people at an event. Our events are normally held at Local Venues where guests can eat, drink, and have fun in a completely safe and open environment.  

Our Past and Future:  

Baby Boomers Social Club was founded in 2003 for the purpose of providing a social outlet and entertainment opportunity for the “Boomer Generation” in the Portland Area. By 2004 the club had seen successes that were recognized in the Oregonian Entertainment Section and it had made its home at the Windows Skyroom Lounge (formerly Top of the Cosmo), Red Lion Hotel on Grand Ave. As membership grew, the club continued to expand to other venues such as The Refectory, and the Elks Clubs at Milwaukie and Gateway. Into the future the BBSC will continue to provide “Boomers” and other guest the opportunity to rekindle the magic of their formative years and enjoy the best music and dance of our era. 

Our Motto 

“Dancing Boomers Are Forever Young”; what better way is there to exercise the body and soul than joining with your peers and dancing to the music you love at Boomers.