The Baby Boomer Generation was born 1946 to 1964. Boomers grew up in a time of change, music was changing, we ushered in rock n' roll and we proved it was here to stay. There were many societal changes whereby we were called "The Me Generation, If It Feels Good Do it". Well, it still feels good to dance and the Baby Boomers Social Club is meeting that demand and making it happen for hundreds of Boomers. Music is good for our soul and dancing is good for our hearts. Most all health organizations tell us we all need to exercise more, what better way than meeting a group of your peers and dancing to the music you love. The Baby Boomers Social Club provides this form of recreation and entertainment.

As we get older, our children leave home, our parents or a spouse pass on, or we could be in a rut and need change. There is emptiness and we all deal with change differently. The Baby Boomers Social Club is here to help us get out of our comfort zones, go out and meet new and old friends, to establish new relationships to last our lifetime. The Baby Boomers Social Club provides an atmosphere where friendships can be cultivated and members feel they have an extended family. We want to grow into our old age and beyond "in our own way". As always, we are changing the definition of middle age and old age. We are not going to age quietly. There is a diverse mix of boomers ranging in age from mid 40s to 60s and beyond. Some are married, some single and couples. They are coming from Salem to Longview and Astoria to Mt Hood. Everyone has their own reasons for coming but many are saying, "We really needed a place like this", "we needed a place for our age group, our time and our music". Some have run into friends they had not seen for 25 years.

The Baby Boomers Social Club started February 2003, after several months of researching, discussing and cultivating of dreams and goals for our club. A great extent of our appreciation goes to the OD Shag Club in Myrtle Beach South Carolina hosting over 1,200 members for sharing their time, guidance and ideas with us. It was a slow start in 2003, and in February 2004 we reorganized and moved our club to the Red Lion at the Convention Center 6th Floor Windows Skyroom Lounge. Many of us boomers who grew up in Portland remember it as "Top of Cosmo", where in the 1960's and 70's it was the place to go for Prom Night or that special night on the town. The location has turned out to be a magical place for most of us. The view is spectacular overlooking Portland city lights and the Towers of the Convention Center. It is a nightclub atmosphere offering music from the 50's to the 70's with a few 80's where old friends meet and new friendships begin. It is casual yet upscale. We can be ourselves, aging rock n' rollers out to have fun, dance and remember the good times. We are now making more good times. We have left our inhibitions, clicks and attitudes back in high school, now we just have fun.

The Baby Boomers Social Club has published what we call "Boomers Business Guide" which advertises our sponsors, list our activities and has trivia of interest to our age group. We are looking to expand this publication to add more informative age related articles, products and advertisements geared to the necessities and wishes of the boomers. We want our members to know what is happening in the group, stories of friendships, budding romances and any marriages??? We will leave hardcore medical and political issues to AARP. But, how about stylish fashion for the mature women or mans body, comfortable shoes, coping and dealing with aging parents, or how about a support group?

We also want to be part of our community and support our local businesses. There are many of us boomers who are entrepreneurs, they have started their own business and we can be supportive of each other.